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Company under the development of Engineering Department, mold department, injection department, assembly department, QC department, marketing department and other functional departments. According to customer requirements, product design, mold processing, product manufacturing, quality control, customer service service as one of the all in one service. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, adopted ERP system management mode, can be co ordinates customers more effectively shorten the product development cycle, and avoid the process street because of the different processing and produce joint dislocation, alleviate the transport pressure, thereby saving the cost of. The establishment of QS environmental protection of injection / assembly workshop, for customersprocessing production "products" higher environmental protection request, to provide moreeffective protection.

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TEL:(0755)84695281   FAX:(0755)84695282  ADD:Block19,ShanKen industrial Area,strict,Shenzhen,China  
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