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Mould workshop covers an area of 3000 square meters, has more than 100 mold technical staff,the introduction of advanced equipment from Japan okk high speed machining center, verticalhigh speed machining center, the Swiss Archie Chamfer mirror spark machine, Taiwan Yiyao CNC spark machine, Taiwan Qinghong wire walking etc.. And has a hexagon three dimension,projectors and other advanced measuring equipment.

Mould workshop can be: processing and manufacturing of precision plastic injection molding moldand other ancillary processing services, plastic mold, household appliances, auto cover daily necessities, kitchen utensils and other products, mold in addition to meet the company's production needs Fuhua manufacturing, also has complete mold export sales to Europe,Southeast Asia, Korea and other regions. Manufacturing technology of the Bi color mold and hot runner mold superb, highly recognized and favored customers! The main service brands are:Philips, Braun, Magna International Inc, Mainetti, Spotless etc..

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TEL:(0755)84695281   FAX:(0755)84695282  ADD:Block19,ShanKen industrial Area,strict,Shenzhen,China  
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