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Forward Plastic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd covers a total area of about eleven thousand five hundred square meters, has 800 employees, with the concept of environmental protectionproduction workshop and various types of advanced automation machinery and equipment.

Injection molding workshop with more than 60 from the 90T to the injection molding machine 470Ttype (a plurality of two-color machine);

The assembly shop has 8 assembly lines and bronzing machine, printing machine, ultrasonic welding machine, melt spinning machine and other assembly equipment.

Business scope includes: precision plastic mold development and manufacturing, hanger, plastickitchenware, sports cup, precision plastic molding / preservation box and other daily necessitiesof the printing / stamping / melt spinning production.

At present the service brands are: Target, Sears, OXO, Macys, Costco, Mainetti, Spotless etc..

Division I has 20 years of production and management experience, welcome customers to sample, to map the OEM processing!

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TEL:(0755)84695281   FAX:(0755)84695282  ADD:Block19,ShanKen industrial Area,strict,Shenzhen,China  
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