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Factory general

The factory has A.B.C three factories, employs about 800 people, mainly engaged in plastic injection molding, assembly, tooling and other processing,Welcome all customers to visit our company to visit, to advice.

Company reception desk

The factory building A

The factory building B

The factory building C

PMC Office

 Purchasing Office


The engineering department office

The R & D department office


Injection department

The company has two injection molding workshop, injection molding machines from 80T-470T,about 60 table, equipped with a mechanical hand, automation equipment,a plurality of two-color machine, for different product requirements, QS clean injection workshop separate;

Injection molding workshop section A

Injection molding workshop section B

Automatic mechanical hand

QS clean workshop

Two-color machine

The Bi color mold


Assembly department

The assembly parts of the two workshop, a total of 8 cables, company matching screen printing,printing, bronzing, drum screen printing, ultrasonic, hot melt, melt spinning equipment;at the same time with the QS clean assembly workshop;

The assembly section A

The assembly section B

The drum screen

Hot presses

QS clean workshop

Ultrasonic machining

The printing process

Hot melt machine


Mold department

Mould workshop covers an area of 3000 square meters, has more than 100 mold technical staff,the introduction of advanced equipment:
Japan okk high speed machining center, vertical high speed machining center, the Swiss Archie Chamfer mirror spark machine,taiwan Yiyao CNC spark machine, Taiwan Qinghong wire walking etc.. And has a hexagon three dimension, projectors and other advanced measuring equipment.

Archie Chamfer sparks machine

 Mould assembly workshop

Qinghong wire walking

Three dimensional inspection room

The design room

 Taiwan Dali high-speed machine


Milling machine workshop

Carving machine 


QC testing room

Companies strictly enforce the QC quality management system, have their own model of the housing, the implementation of first piece inspection, according to customer requirements,arrange the aging, dishwasher, microwave oven, analog vibration testing, to ensure quality and stability.

Dishwasher test

Simulation of vibration test

Customer inspection room

The aging test

Microwave oven test

QC first sample room


The sample room to display

Company products are mainly tides drink cup, high-grade green storage box, kitchenware,household appliances, plastic clothes rack etc.,welcome all customers to visit our company, to map sample to order production!







Entertainment Room

In order to enrich our spare time, open daily entertainment room, billiards, table tennis, chess,checkers, library, KTV room, Internet bar...

Billiard room

Checkers room


Internet cafe

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